Your #1 Solution for Portable Restrooms!


Construction Unit

Our portable toilet for construction use has the following features:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Indoor lock for privacy
  • Lockable from the outside for security
    (lock not provided)
  • Toilet tissue
  • Chemical deodorizer water in the tank

Our crane unit designed for high-rise construction sites. It has heavy-duty locking casters that roll easily on and off of freight elevators. With the built-in steel sling, it can also be lifted by crane even when full.


High Rise Unit

Portable Urinal 

This is our mobile urinal. It is light-weight (14 pounds) and versatile. Its wheels allow it to roll anywhere men work.

The hook unit acts as a lifting sling and is another option for high-rise projects. It is easy to install on plastic skid units and can attach to our regular construction toilet listed at the top of the page.

Hook Unit